At our office, we offer Physician directed Medical Weight loss.

After we have successfully, assisted you in losing your goal weight, we can allow you to achieve your best body with liposuction and/or body contouring. Unfortunately, even with the most dramatic weight loss there are some areas that may be resistant. We can perform liposuction to those areas to remove excess fat in order to give you a new toned and sculpted look. Or perhaps with weight loss there are some areas where fat is unintentionally, diminished. With our liposuction technique, we are able to harvest fat in unwanted areas and purify the fat with our state of the art purification machine. The pure fat now contains growth factors that once injected will allow the growth of new blood vessels to prevent the rejection of your own tissue and give you a near permanent new you. Liposuction can occur almost anywhere including the abdomen, arms, back, buttock, jowls, neck, submental area, thighs and waist. The body as well may be sculpted almost anywhere including the breast, buttocks, cheeks, tear troughs, and thighs. Because we perform low level liposuction with the technique of Tumescence, general anesthesia is not required; thus keeping the cost low compared to traditional liposuction.

This technique is also as effective as traditional liposuction but with a safer profile, without the risk of general anesthesia.

Here is how it works:

  • 1. Localized Awake Anesthesia is performed by Dr. Woodley B. Mardy-Davis, a board certified Anesthesiologist as well as a highly trained Aesthetic Surgeon. The patient remains awake and may only require prescription sedatives for relaxation and comfort. Local anesthesia is then administered in the areas of treatment. This also makes it easier for the physician to position the patient in the best possible way to optimize the treatment area.
  • 2. Power-assisted technology with micro-cannula is used to gently suction and effectively remove the majority of unwanted fat.
  • 3. Body Sculpting (Optional): The unwanted autologous fat is then purified to encourage growth factors that are pivotal in the growth of new blood vessels (revascularization); thus ensuring that the harvested fat is not rejected once it is injected in areas of diminished fat.
  • 4. This whole process then allows you to achieve the “New Found You”