Chemical Peels

Medical Grade Chemical Peels

Our Chemical Peel Skin Restoration Treatments are based on Cellular Skin Restoration Cycle and blocking the transfer of Melanin into new skin cells. Inhibition of Tyrosinase, an Enzyme in the skin responsible for melanin is crucial in treating dark spots and patches on the skin. Several of the substances in our treatments and topicals act by blocking this enzyme, and expediting the Metabolic Cycle of the skin. The goal and principal action is the elimination of melanin patches on the face (melasma and sun damage).

One week after starting the Skin Recovery and Depigmentation treatment, a noticeable difference in the texture and tone of the skin begins. A reduction of Acne and scarring is detected as the emergence of hydrated and luminous new skin cells appear.

At the end of the Skin Restoration treatments, spots, blemishes and scarring start to disappear altogether, so that, although the patient may be able to “locate” the place where the spot was, the truth is that the pigmentation will have disappeared and nobody will be able to see it just by looking at it.

Chemical Peels:
Glycolic Peel 15 and 35%
Lactic Peel 35%
Salicylic Peel 33%

TCA Peels Various Strengths
Jessner’s Peels
Combination Peels
Pumpkin Papaya and Cherry Berry Peel rejuvenates by stimulating and hydrating skin

Our Chemical Peels are used in various strengths from very mild to strong. These chemical solutions are prescription formulations used and known to improve the appearance of skin by removing damaged outer layers and stimulating ground substance, such as collagen and elastin. Chemicals are applied to the epidermal layers of skin, to silken and refresh in a very subtle to overt manner. These treatments regenerate, freshen, and promote new, healthy, hydrated, organized, skin cells. Our Chemical Peel formulations are used to treat and reduce blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone for the face, neck decolotte’, arms, hands and back. Patients with only slight sun damage or acne and sensitive skin may benefit most from lighter peels, while those who have more damage may need a deeper peel. Since chemical peel strengths vary, we utilize our years of experience performing thousands of these treatments to customize the best peel to your specific lifestyle, budget, needs and skin type.

Medical Grade Peels gently treat damaged and lifeless, aging skin, breakouts, and dark spots, oily and Acne prone skin. Several sessions offer marked changes in discoloration, appearance and health. Includes Analysis, Fruit Acid Cleansing, Lightens, increases collagen, and improves texture, tone, lines, wrinkles and damaged skin of all colors.

Do you have any of the following skin concerns?

Raised scars
Sun damage
Dark spots

We offer a variety of treatments from Collagen Induction, Microcurrent, LED, IPL, Peeling to Microdermabrasion.