Acne Solutions

This treatment is usually an hour long session. Karen has Dermatology clinical training and more than 24 years experience working with difficult Acne Conditions and will customize a treatment based on your individual needs.

Our clinical Acne Treatments range from intra-lesional injections to reduce inflamed bumps, Acne Surgery,  Extractions, Milia removal, Chemical Application to loosen acne plugs, Enzyme therapy and LED Blue and Red Light.

We also employ TCA  Cross Hatching, Dermal Subcision and Rolling for Acne Scars.


Karen has dermatological training in Acne Surgery by renowned Dermatologists and Plastic surgeons.

These are before and after photos of Dermal Rolling for Acne Scars. This technique is highly effective:

AVDS1        IMG_1772

LED Acne Treatment 
LED Blue & red light therapy is used to treat inflamed Acne.  LED light will prevent and reduce pustules, papules, redness and  inflammation and kill bacteria deep within the pores of the skin.


LED blue light therapy is often quite effective for mild to moderate acne. Many times Acne is worsened by the presence of bacteria, particularly  P.acnes (bacteria which causes Acne), which multiply in the sebaceous glands. The pore and thus skin becomes inflamed when the body tries to fight these invaders. Inflammation must be addressed in order to prevent scarring.


LED  Treatment for Sensitive Skin

Red Light Therapy is use to calm and smooth inflamed skin. It increases cellular regeneration, stimulates new skin cells and reduces redness associated with dry, sensitive or rosacea skin conditions.

LED light Therapy is a powerful adjunct to any skin care treatments performed in our med spa.  LED light therapy increases  cellular regeneration and stimulates the cells to increase the ATP levels, there by increasing the production of collagen & elastin. In turn, this makes your skin firmer, less wrinkled and younger looking. Once available only for Physicians, NASA and Navy which was used for wound healing and muscle regeneration, is now available to us.