With the holidays approaching I thought I’d share a fantastic treatment many of  my patients have discovered. The Velashape Body treatment is the solution to stubborn fat! It is an FDA approved non-surgical contour treatment.

Why Velashape?

Velashape is the first and only FDA device approved for both Cellulite and Circumferential body zone reduction.

Velashape non-invasive treatments ensure quick, safe, effective access to fat stored directly beneath the skin..fat traditionally inaccessible with liposuction procedures. Velashape state-of-the-art technology treats Cellulite and fat on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

How Does Velashape Work?

Velashape patented Elos technology combines Radio Frequency, Infrared heating, and mechanical manipulation which improves blood circulation and increases metabolic rate of fat cells. This process in turn enhances lymphatic drainage to tissues that contribute to cellulite via oxygen supply.

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Velashape reduces the appearance of cellulite in the following manner:

-Creates lipolysis (fat reduction) via the breakdown of stored fat and reduces fat cell size

-Mechanical manipulation via Rollers delivers deeper penetration of heat

-Mechanical Action further assists in the draining of intercellular fluids

-Both the above actions facilitate shrinkage of connective tissue scaffolding and overall fat chamber size leading to the reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

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Velashape is ideal for patients within 15 to 20 pounds of their ideal body weight. Best results are achieved when combined with sensible diet and exercise habits. It is imperative that you do not gain weight while having Velashape treatments

Our patients report a high level of satisfaction with their outcomes after a series of eight treatments performed once a week.

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