Now offering Laser Training with Certification to comply with the Georgia Medical Board Laser License requirements

We offer comprehensive Cosmetic Office Procedure and Primary Aesthetic Laser Training administered by a Licensed Instructor and a Medical Doctor.

Georgia law now requires all non physician laser practitioners to hold a license to perform laser procedures and treatments.

This new law just increased the value and stature of those eligible to hold a Laser License and the income they can command.

We offer training provided by a physician and a Licensed Instructor  with 18 years experience in Cosmetic Laser applications.

Our curriculum is designed to comply with the Georgia Composite Medical Board licensing and prepare each practitioner with the didactic and practical skills to be able to:

-Understand and assess Patient Selection and Care

-Understand and type patient skin appropriately utilizing the Fitzpatrick Scale

-Selecting the proper Candidate and best treatment for their goals and needs

-Learn Laser Science Fundamentals and Safety

-Establish foundational skills in Consenting and Charting

-Preceptorships & Mentoring with  Instructor & Medical Master Aesthetician for qualified candidates

-Reduced Fees in Advanced Training and Primers for those working with or interested in a career with a Dermatology or Plastic Surgery practice

-Complimentary Notary Service

-Flexible Training Dates & Interest Free Payment Plan for all Educational Modules

-Price matching for all companies offering equivalencies

-Employment placement and assistance with Resume and Interviewing

-Discounts for referrals and staff training

-New Business/Start Up Consulting

Condensed Version of Laser Certification Training

Intro to Skin & Hair Biology as it relates to Light Based Procedures

Laser & Energy Concepts, including types of lasers and differentiation with IPL’s and R.F. devices.

Tissue Optics & Diode Laser/IPL Effects

Aesthetic Laser Safety

Clinical Laser/IPL applications overview including: Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Brown Spots, Low Level Light Therapy

Slide Presentations

Course Description:

Our Training is oriented toward non-dermatology physicians, nurses, Cosmetologists & Aestheticians offering simple cosmetic laser and light based procedures. It is especially helpful to complete prior to investing in Laser or IPL devices, since it is an unbiased independent course. Both didactic and practical sessions teach patient selection and care, and the proper use of this instrumentation on different skin types. The program will cover the common cosmetic office procedures and technology, with the use of primary aesthetic lasers including Diode,Nd:Yag, and IPL devices. The program includes all of the Basic Laser Science and Safety. Procedures utilizing these devices are discussed at length for pigmented lesion removal, and general skin rejuvenation including dyschromia, laser hair removal, and a discussion of fractional and ablative technology. The course is an excellent primer program for for those working with or interested in a career with a Dermatology or Plastic Surgery practice

We offer a proctor program for Alumni.  For those requesting additional training, clinical preceptorships  are availablefor  graduates following the course.

Staff Sales and Technical training is also available on a limited basis.

IPL & Light Based Hair Removal Certificate Training

Regular Cost: $1,600.00

Current Special: $1,100.00

9:00 AM – 12:00

Lunch Break – 12:30 -2 :00 PM


This two-day intensive hands-on training workshop will give an introduction and overview of how lasers and IPL systems work, including the physics of lasers & IPL. Presentation on the most commonly used dermatologic lasers and their parameters. An overview of the anatomy & physiology of skin and hair, parameters for permanent hair reduction, photofacial, vascular lesions, and tattoo removal will be presented. The lecture will include Lasers/IPL skin interaction, skin typing, operational and treatment safety measures including ANSI, and the Laser Safety Officer. Discussion of the management and treatment of adverse events, the benefits, expected results and outcomes, and available alternative treatments. Focus on patient consultation, selection and education, safety and efficacy issues, and important criteria for a successful treatment outcome. The afternoon will provide hands-on practicum sessions. During the course you will gain valuable insight and pearls on the “how to” of this unique business model for optimal success. We will discuss price structuring, market trends, and retention of your client base. Attendees will receive a course manual and a CD loaded with the necessary supporting forms and templates such as history, consent, policy/procedure and much more. A certificate showing certification of hands-on training will be provided upon completion of the course.

Who is eligible to hold a license to perform Laser procedures in Georgia?

The title given to this License is called an Assistant Laser Practitioner’s License. Those eligible for this license include the following:

-RNs, LPNs, APRNs, Aestheticians, or Master Cosmetologists, or anyone who has previously held a license as an RN, APRN, or PA

What are the qualifications and requirements for an Assistant Laser Practitioner’s license?

1.)  Anyone with the above license who holds 3 (three) valid laser training certificates

2.) Operators of qualified lasers must treat under the supervision of a Physician or Senior Laser Practitioner

What is a Senior Laser Practitioner’s Licence?

A Senior Laser Practitioner’s License is reserved for those who:

1.) Holds a current active license as an RN, APRN, or PA; or has previously held a license as an RN, APRN, PA or physician. The applicant must have three (3) years experience.

2.) Has at least 3 years of clinical or medical technological experience. Clinical rotations in medical, nursing, or PA school would not satisfy this requirement.

3.) Has 2 valid laser training certificates