Welcome to Allure Medical Spa .  Our MedSpa serves the greater Atlanta area with the highest quality Cosmetic Training and Treatments using medical-grade Technology under the direction and training of Dr. Dwayne L. Watkins, M.D.

For those who have just begun to notice signs of aging, or those who wish to preserve or refresh to a well maintained rejuvenated appearance, we offer a vast menu of Cosmetic Treatments which focus on each patient as a unique individual. Treatment choices such as Fillers, Botox, Ultherapy, PRP, Procell Microneedling/Dermal Rolling, Vampire PRP Injection Regeneration, Light to Medical Grade Peels, Scar Revision, Power Peel Microdermabrasion, and Enzyme polishes, exfoliate, buff and polish away damaged outer layers to reveal the healthy skin below.

Gentle to more aggressive treatments are all designed to offer a full range of options for our patients.